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CHIK brings together leaders across health, ageing, disability, government and technology sectors, supporting their investment decisions with trusted, independent specialist advice, publications and events.

Looking for advice and research you can trust? CHIK’s extensive networks, industry knowledge, independent positioning and proven ability assist health organisations, government and private companies.Find out more
CHIK’s renowned events bring together leading figures in government, IT, health, aged and disability care to identify opportunities, shape agendas and forge powerful connections.
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Want to buy, sell or invest in technology? With a powerful search facility and regularly updated info, CHIK’s Health-e-Directory is the number one resource for health and social services.
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Need tender information fast? Want to know about business opportunities as they happen? Stay on top with CHIK’s daily Tender Alerts service – covering business & related opportunities plus advance notices.Find out more
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About to make a key investment? CHIK produces publications for the health, aged and social services industries to assist in the decision-making process.
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Why Choose CHIK

  • Informed and independent since 2002
  • Leverage global connections from an Australian base
  • Deliver trusted, specialist advisory and research services drawing on clinical, business and technology skills
  • Extensive client base from government, care providers & technology
  • Unique blend of strategic insight, influential networks, trusted relationships, independent products, powerful events and effective communication channels
  • Initiates market building initiatives that add value at national and local levels as well
  • Instrumental in building the profile of various partners
  • A recognised industry leader in Australia & New Zealand with global footprint

Our Goal

CHIK works with leading health, aged and social care stakeholders to actively support improved clinical, social and economic outcomes by leveraging the powers of people, smart technology and collaborative effort.

In an industry typified by vertical segmentation, CHIK nurtures and supports extensive relationships that span key segments to facilitate connections that add business and social value.


As a result, CHIK’s networks provide subscribers with reliable, independent channels for sharing knowledge and resources, supporting growth and building capability both nationally and internationally.

CHIK’s networks & communication channels across government, care & technology professionals provide subscribers with unique opportunities to share knowledge & resources, supporting growth & building capability nationally & internationally.

Some of CHIK’S clients